Sunday, 8 September 2013


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Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Are you a Chanel sheep?

You're all sheep. Well, not all of you, just most of you. Don't deny it. You're all Chanel sheep.

To understand what I mean by a Chanel sheep, you have to be a general sheep. I'm a general sheep, and there is no shame in admitting it. You can't live without being a sheep. I follow trends and bounce off others' street style, and incorporate it to my own style. A Chanel sheep, in my words, is someone who follows and likes, or even loves Chanel because of the fact that it is Chanel. Ring a bell? Yeah, that's pretty much you, or someone you know.

After getting a notification on one of my social network sites by someone who has named herself, 'IamCocoChanel', my first thought was literally, 'Fuck off no you're not'. Then, it got me thinking how much does she actually know about Chanel? Now, I could be completely wrong here and be jumping to conclusions, which i'm sure I am, but I bet she doesn't know our beloved Gabrielle as well as she thinks she does. Naturally, as one thought led to another, it got me thinking- how many of us do actually know about our fashion? Chanel is my main target here because it is the one brand that everyone instantly recognises, simply because everyone who claims to 'love' fashion, or any random scrub from the streets says they 'love' Chanel, when really, they don't. You see, I think most people are in love with the idea of Chanel. Just as you can be in love with the idea of being in love and not actually love your partner... understand? I hope so.

I myself could name a 'Chanel sheep' or two, and it simply aggravates me to think that people fall in love with the idea of Chanel, and the 'glamour' and expense you see with it. Now, for those of you who may not know, who i'd assume would be the less knowledgable about fashion, Chanel is a tarnished brand, with a history linked to the German Nazi's of the second world war. It really is common knowledge, but i'm just pointing out that a lot of those annoying people that constantly claim 'I love Chanel!' probably actually don't. They just love it because they think it's an amazing brand, which of course it is- but that is beside the point.

I'm not saying that you shouldn't love Chanel because of Gabrielle's history- what's done is done and there is no changing that, but how many of you can honestly say you love every thing that the brand has produced? Of course, Chanel is an amazing brand which has completely dominated the fashion world, and Karl Lagerfeld himself is a genius... But I can admit that I love him more for his work with his own brand and the set's for Chanel's fashion shows rather than the actual clothing... Simply because not everything is to my taste.

I guess what i'm trying to say is this: There's too many people in the world, and too many amateurs who have their toes in the fashion door, who are all sheep. Not just Chanel sheep, but fashion sheep in general. Don't love fashion for the name, love it for its products, for its contribution to world, and more importantly, because it actually appeals to you. You're not fooling anybody; just yourself.

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Thursday, 9 May 2013

Once Upon A Time- By Karl Lagerfeld

Coco Chanel- what's not to love about her? Let us forget that she worked in alliance with Nazi's (which led to her downfall before her comeback in the mid 1900's), and remember instead that she brought fashion independence to us women. Jersey jackets and pant suits, Gabrielle Chanel is an icon that is still idolised globally, today. 

As creative director for the House of Chanel, Karl Lagerfeld has brought to us a short film about the revolutionary Chanel, titled 'Once Upon A Time'. Starring the beautiful Keira Knightley as Coco herself, we see cameo's from many of the brand's faces, including models Lindsey Winxson and Stella Tenant. Personally, I think it is a little work of adorable genius. 

Watch here: 

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Wednesday, 8 May 2013

The Met Gala 2013; Chaos to Couture.

The annual Met Gala, which is held to celebrate the annual opening of the Metropolitan museum's fashion exhibition at the Costume Institute, is quite possibly THE red carpet event of the year- perhaps even surpassing the Oscar's. This year, the theme for the event was Punk; From Chaos to Couture... And it seems that it was a theme that most celebrities, who can PAY people to make them look good, just didn't. The meaning of Punk must have been lost, as most people tried to mix punk with red carpet glamour. However, despite many disastrous outfits, there were a fair few that did manage to please.

First up, Anne Hathaway. The 'Devil wears Prada' actress revealed her new platinum blonde locks, while stunning us in a sheer Valentino dress. Though not as 'punk' as she could have been, the new hair and makeup complemented her outfit perfectly.

Up next is Cara Delevingne, who despite her over-exposure and frankly, now boring public persona, never fails to wow. Obviously, she wore Burberry (no complaints- I love Bailey and Burberry), and looked gorgeous in a studded plunge-neck column dress, accompanied by Burberry accessories. Her heavy Burberry beauty make-up look added to the punk theme, as did her hair; plaited on one side. 

Blake Lively was another blonde red carpet pleaser. As a muse to the genius Karl Lagerfeld, the actress wore a Gucci Première strapless gown, with feather embroidery. There's no complaints about this look- she looked absolutely divine... Despite not exactly looking very 'punkish'. 

Katy Perry was a surprising crowd pleaser with her choice of outfit to the Met Gala. The singer chose to wear a Dolce & Gabbana dress, complete with a crown from the AW13/14 collection. She accessorised her outfit with David Yuman jewellery and definitely stood out amongst the other famous faces that surrounded her. 

The Topshop girls of the night included Chloe Green, my favourite model Jourdan Dunn, and Ashley Madekwe. They all wore custom-made Topshop (who knew the high-street would ever make it to a red-carpet event?) and yes, they all looked gorgeous. It has to be said though, Jourdan looked the most 'punk' from all three of them (and also very stunning). 

Best dressed male of the night goes to 'Birdsong' actor Eddie Redmayne, who looked dapper and divine in a Dior Homme navy blue suit and white shirt... Just a little bit of British man candy. 

For me, worst dressed at the gala was either Kim Kardashian or Elle Fanning. Firstly, I find it absolutely barbaric that Kim was even invited in the first place, but as her current inflated, pregnant self can never seem to look good, it wasn't much of a surprise that she yet again, looked awful. However, innocent face Elle Fanning was a surprise. The lucky young actress doesn't usually make much of a fool of herself when it comes to dressing, but it's obvious that she had a bit of a struggle trying to combine punk with glamour. She looked disastrous in her Rodarte gown, and I don't think there really is any explaining the makeup... I don't think she made anybody's best dresses list. 

Overall, i'd say it was an interesting night for the Met gala. Despite the many poor efforts, we did see a few beauties... I just think that they should stick to a more 'do-able' theme next year. 

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Wednesday, 20 March 2013

So Dior.

Never one to disappoint, Parisian luxury label Dior has brought itself to Harrods for a short amount of time, in the form of an exhibition titled 'So Dior'. I exaggerate not when I say it is one of the most beautiful fashion exhibitions I have ever seen... 'Why don't I live here?' were the only 5 words I kept repeating throughout.  

Including a café, exhibition, window displays and a pop up shop, the entire project took over 18 months to create, and was apparently inspired by the brand's long term relationship with the London store. 

"This isn't a marketing tool, It's a transmission of couture. Customers look for more today, they want to hear about the brand history - they need to understand more. Harrods and Dior share the same goals, the same concept of luxury and the same level of service. We need to explain why and how we do what we do. I want people to understand the passion, the innovation and our commitment to excellence. When I come into this room, it works so well. Mr Dior is doing something - he is here." - Sidney Toledano via

The exhibition has taken over a fair amount of space on the fourth floor of Harrods. As you enter, you'll see a giant doll's house, no window empty. Dior fragrance bottles are to be seen everywhere, and elsewhere in the exhibition, you'll come across a variety of installations, which are all a bold representation of the brand. There is also a section devoted to the coveted Lady Dior bag, as well as an entire 'Fashion Theatre' that features miniature versions of Dior designs- all of which were re-created in the Dior Haute Couture ateliers. 
Dresses worn by Princess Diana, Elizabeth Taylor, Marion Cottilard, and others are on display, and visitors can also stop to watch various fashion films with archived footage, that discuss the history of the brand. The gorgeous dress worn by Charlize Theron in the J'adore Dior advert is also on display- surrounded by dozens of perfume bottles. 

From the toile's that show how a design is constructed, to the projection of today's Dior stars over dresses they have worn, there is no disappointment in this wonderful exhibition. It's open until April 14th, and I couldn't recommend it enough. You won't regret it; C'est tres belle.


Miniature Dior creations in a theatre.

Dior toile's.

Dior in London!

SJP projection over a Dior dress.
Close up of the Dior dress worn by Charlize Theron in the
J'adore Dior advert. 
Dior doll's house.

Dior illustration.

Miniature Dior. 

Window display in Harrods.

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